Librecine was founded as a creative audiovisual workshop in the early 2000s in Hungary by filmmaker Gabriel Szollosy and journalist Anna Jancsó. We wanted to tell compelling stories that united Europe and Latin America and expressed how we saw the world around us. Librecine also served as a hub for young creatives who wanted to try their hand at creating stories for the screen.

In 2004 we had the opportunity to develop our film Stalin City Cantata about a conductor who recreates a musical work celebrating the birth of the socialist man in Hungary’s first socialist city, within the framework of the Discovery Campus Masterschool. This marked a turn in our activity that would result in the opening of Librecine’s production company in Uruguay.

Today, Librecine’s Uruguayan and Hungarian outfits operate as two separate entities with a distinct voice. Librecine Uruguay continues to be dedicated to documentaries, cultural and educational programming for the international market, while Librecine in Hungary embraced narrative fiction and is especially active in developing family films and dramas with a strong directorial voice.

But despite the distinct focus of the two companies, our belief in the importance of our subjects and our commitment to making quality content marks our work on both sides of the Atlantic, uniting us in an ethos with creativity at its core.